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Progress your Career with our THRIVE mentorship
and 150hr training programme

Feel the power of building your knowledge, experience and community through our THRIVE advanced training & mentoring programme. Invest in your future and benefit from the support of our experienced mentors and teachers. This course will take you on a career changing journey where you can establish a clear vision for your future, and be supported to build that vision out. Prepare to be challenged, supported and inspired!

We recommend that you take all three modules but they are available to book separately. 

Do you…

  • Want to advance your sequencing skills?
  • Want to learn how to make your classes welcoming & inclusive for all abilities?
  • Want to build your confidence to integrate students with injuries and those recovering?
  • Want to give yourself the edge and learn to build a sustainable career?
  • Want the opportunity to explore different teaching paths and discover where they might lead? (Where you want to go?)
  • Want to build your network, be part of a strong community and have the connection to like-minded colleagues where you can safely discuss the challenges and successes you will have?
  • Want to discover the power of mentorship to have the support to build the vision of the career you want to have and the experience of our established teachers to draw on?


THRIVE – Mentorship, Education & Growth

Module 1: CREATE
Stand Out Sequencing

Do you feel stuck in a rut when preparing for classes?
Do you find it hard to be creative?
Do you feel like you are always planning 100s of classes & need more direction?
Do you feel you want to offer your students a deeper meaning to the class experience, not just asana?

Sequencing can make or break a class. You’re the DJ of movement and to distinguish yourself as a teacher your students will want to be taken on a journey in your classes – and this will be central to your success as a teacher.

Building on the knowledge and skills you have, you will learn how to free up time by preparing classes more efficiently, optimising class structure and preparation to help you build work/life balance while still delivering stand-out classes.

Fostering an environment of personal growth and development, this module is all about supporting your path as a teacher and practitioner.


  • Deepen your sequencing skills
  • Deliver standout sequencing
  • Refine your class structure
  • Theming and creativity, give meaning to your classes
  • Intelligent class preparation, avoiding overload for you and your students
  • Always a student: how to continue and grow and self-educate
  • Keeping yourself in check: finding a mentor/supervision in the world of yoga
  • Self-care: your self-practice as a teacher, avoiding burnout, finding balance.
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries

This module is taught by Erika Shapiro

Module 2: REFINE
Deepen your Anatomical & Therapeutical knowledge to best serve your students

Do you worry when a pregnant person comes into your class?
Do you feel confident offering modifications to people with injuries?
Do you want to deepen your knowledge of regulating and understanding nervous system?Do you wish to theme your classes for specific demographics?
Do you want to have a more sensitive approach and make your classes more inclusive?

As a yoga teacher you’re generally not medically trained however an understanding of anatomy and how to integrate your students safely into class is really important. 

In this module you will refine your teaching skills and learn therapeutic tools to best serve a broad demographic of students and their needs.

With a 360 holistic approach to health, learn to be a more effective, inclusive and sensitive yoga teacher.

We will cover: 

  • Catering to injuries 
  • Integrating pre & post natal women into a general class
  • Stress & the nervous system 
  • Auto immune conditions 
  • Principles of fascia
  • Origins and benefits on Yin & restorative 
  • Verbal cueing
  • Body reading & assists 
  • Myofascial release
  • Anatomy of the breath

This module is taught by Erika Shapiro, Liz Joy Hardie, Victoria Thomas & Claire Alexandra Chaitanya



Module 3: EMPOWER
Finding your niche, building a sustainable career

Are you struggling to find your audience?
Do you want to improve your digital presence?
Do you want to develop sustainable revenue streams?
Do you want to belong to a supportive and inspiring community?
Do you want to be motivated by diverse, successful and experienced Yoga teachers and entrepreneurs?

Learn to thrive in the competitive and challenging world of Yoga Teaching.
EMPOWER is built around support & mentorship to give you a deeper understanding on how to approach your career, the challenges you are likely to face and the ways to enrich your professional development and build your network.

We will cover:

  • Understanding your why and your uniqueness
  • Finding your voice
  • Your professional set-up
  • Communication, Social Media & building a personal brand
  • Understanding and creating different revenue streams.
  • The world of retreats 
  • Creating your niche: workshops, 1-1’s and corporates
  • Maintaining a sustainable work/life balance

This module is taught by Erika Shapiro & Jennifer Cordero

Location In-Studio

This training will predominantly take place in our Elephant & Castle Studio. Some evening sessions will be on Zoom.

MoreYoga, 4 Elephant and Castle, New Lion Wy., London SE17 1GP

Teaching Team

Module 1
Erika Shapiro

Module 2
Erika Shapiro, Liz Joy Hardie, Victoria Thomas & Claire Alexandra Chaitanya

Module 3
Erika Shapiro & Jennifer Cordero

Read more about the team HERE

Prerequisites & Certification

You must have a 200hr teacher training certificate to complete this programme.

You will receive a 150hr certificate registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals on completion of all 3 modules, or a certificate of 50hrs if only completing one module.


This course is able to be completed in full or taken as separate modules.

Total Course Price

£1450 Early Bird until 10th December
£1550 Regular price
£290 Nonrefundable deposit to secure your place

Single Module Price

£550 Regular Price
£150 Non refundable deposit to secure your place

To Book

Pay the deposit for either a single module or the full course. Balance payment is due 3 weeks before the training starts. Once you have paid the deposit we will send you the application form where you can indicate which modules you are booking.


Module 1: CREATE
Stand Out Sequencing

In person
Elephant & Castle Studio
9:00 AM-5:30 PM

20th -25th Feb 2023


Module 2: REFINE
Deepen your Anatomical & therapeutical knowledge to best serve your students

This module is made up of in studio & online sessions. 


To be confirmed



Module 3: EMPOWER
Finding your niche, building a sustainable career

This module is made up of in studio & online sessions.

To be confirmed


Our course is certified by Yoga Alliance.

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