50 Hours Online: The ultimate business skills toolkit, teaching for life


Each training day is 9am-6pm
4th & 5th September
25th & 26th September
16th & 17th October

The ultimate business skills toolkit: teaching for life

Making a living as a self-employed yoga teacher is incredibly challenging. It is important for yoga teachers to feel grounded and stable financially, so that they can deliver teachings from a place of safety and security. Self-employment requires us to be resourceful, think outside the box and address the challenges of a competitive world in order for us to thrive. Topics addressed will be:

  • The self-employed yogi: general business skills and practical aspects of self-employment
  • How to communicate with your potential clients: website, social media, virtual studio, blogging, newsletters, etc
  • Confident auditioning; opening the door to studios and gyms
  • Bringing wellbeing to the corporate world
  • Manifest your one-to-one clients.
  • Your students want to learn more: Setting up workshops
  • The travelling yogi: the key to the world of retreats

If you would like to benefit from our 0% Finance Option please pay the deposit. Then select *Repayment plan via an external finance provider up to 12 months* on the application form. Someone will be in touch to send you through the finance application and next steps. 

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