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Do I have enough experience to join a teacher training?

We recommend having at least 1 years regular asana experience before enrolling onto the course. You don’t have to be able to advanced asanas like handstand but a strong regular practice is essential. Of course if you have movement background e.g gymnastics, pilates a year may not be essential. We will look at this on a case by case basis in the application process

What will happen if go into another lockdown?

We are planning for our October 2021 training to be in the studio if there is no social distancing. Due to the size of our studios we are unable to carry out the training in person if any social distancing is in place. We will move the training online if COVID measures come into place. You will be able to defer your place or receive a refund if this doesn’t suit you. 

How will I be assessed during the training?

You will be assessed after each module with a practical examination. You will start to teach a warm up after the first module, leading up to teaching a full class to your peers by the end of the course. Dont panic! Its a great way to receive valuable feedback about your teaching through out the course 


When can I apply?

Applications are open for all courses listed in the BOOK COURSE section of the website. These can be found HERE
You will be directed to the application form once you have successfully paid your deposit or full amount. 

How do I apply?

Full Applications can be completed once you’ve paid your deposit for the course. We will then contact you to let you know whether you have been successful and will confirm your place on the course. Please allow 10 working days for confirmation. If you are not successful your deposit/full amount will be returned to you.

Will I be fully certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals?

Yes, MoreYoga’s 200hr Teacher Training will be fully certified by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Is my qualification different as the training is online?

No, your qualification is exactly the same as if you attended an in person training.

When will the training in the studios start?

Our first in studio training will start in October in our Cannon Street studio


How much homework is there and how many contact hours?

The course is 200hrs and is made up of 170 hours of “contact time” ie training/classes and 30 hours of homework/study.

In order to qualify, Yoga Alliance requires that 160 hours of contact time is completed. All students will be required to meet this standard.

How many people will be on the course?

A maximum of 35 people will be on the online courses at one time in studios.

What is the course outline?

You can download the full course outline HERE.

Will the online training be fully live?

Yes, all of the training will be fully live with some hours of personal study time. The course will be 170 Hours of contact time, ie classes/training and 30 Hours of home study/course homework.

When will the 150 hour Top Up course take place?

Our next 150 Hr training will start in Feb 2022, you can apply HERE

Will I have to have completed my 200hr at MoreYoga if I want to participate in the 150hr?

You do not have to have attended MoreYoga 200hr training to be able to come on our 150hr Top Up. To attend the 150hr training you must have a 200hr YTT qualification accredited with Yoga Alliance. 

Can I catch up on training if I have to miss any sessions?

All of our training is live therefore we do need people to make the commitment to attend the whole course. Yoga Alliance requires a minimum of 160 contact hours for students to qualify. This means that of the 170 Hours contact teaching time, you may only miss a maximum of 10 hours and still be eligible to qualify.

Obviously sometimes illness or personal reasons outside your control and we will do our best to accommodate this. It may be possible to catch up if you miss a session but you will need to pay for an additional 1:1 with a teacher. 

Before you sign up please ensure you can commit fully to the course


When do I need to pay my deposit?

You will need to pay your deposit in order to apply for the course. We will write to you on successful application to confirm your place. If you are not successful we will return your deposit.

Do you offer an early bird discount?

Yes our early bird discount ends on the 27th July

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend the course?

You may cancel the course booking at any time if you contact us prior to 30 calendar days of the course start date. We will confirm your cancellation in writing to you and refund your course fee excluding your deposit. The £300 deposit is non refundable. There are no refunds available once the course has started.  

Can I pay the course fee in installments?

Yes you can pay by installments via our 0% finance option. We have tried to make the payments as flexible as possible and will offer a variety of payment plans through a finance company. You won’t pay any interest if you pay on the agreed dates. Please note finance option is subject to an approved credit check.

Will you run a credit check for finance applications?

Our finance partner will run a credit check to ensure you are able to pay the remainder of the course. Your application may be rejected based on their criteria. You must have had a UK based address for at least 3 years to be eligible to be approved. See more details re: lending crietria at the bottom of this page

Do I pay interest if I sign up for the finance option?

There is no cost associated to you for taking out the finance, MoreYoga is paying for this service in order to offer the most affordable and flexible options on the market. Our finance partner will offer 0% interest, however if you miss a payment charges may occur. Details will be given by our finance partner.

My credit check has been rejected? Can I pay in instalments?

Please contact sophie.b@moreyoga.co.uk for more information

How many BIPOC scholarship places will be available?

We currently have space for one per online course but are hoping to increase this going forward. You can apply HERE

Can I work at MoreYoga after attending the teacher training?

The quality of teaching at MoreYoga is paramount, so all teachers regardless of whether they have done their training with us, will need to go through our trial process before they teach within our studios.
If you are successful at trial, you will be able to first join our cover list and then the possibility of a permanent teaching slot, should they become available and you are ready.
We expect all our new teachers to have 350 Hours teacher training.
We will support all our graduates with regular skills share workshops, the opportunity for further training and connecting them to the MoreYoga teaching community for ongoing learning.
By supporting you on this ongoing journey, providing you with insights and guidance into the world of yoga teaching, we are uniquely placed to best equip you for entry into studio teaching.



These are the minimum lending criteria to be eligible for finance. Please note that you will be subject to a credit check, which if you are refused can effect your credit score.


  • Be 18 years or over at date of application
  • Be no older than 75 years at the end of the term
  • Be a permanent UK resident and homeowner / tenant
  • In regular permanent employment, Minimum 16 hours
  • Self Employed/ Retired with proof of state, private or company pension
  • Long term invalidity/disability/mobility benefit
  • Minimum UK resident for 3yrs
  • Exclusions: Unemployed / Students / Non-UK Residents
  • Mandatory:
    - Direct Debit signed by the person applying for finance
    - Goods to be installed at the same address as the finance agreement
    - Customer to provide proof of signature and address to the retailer/agent.
  • Minimum annual income £10,000
  • Have a UK bank account that can accept Direct Debits
  • Understand and accept there will be a credit check performed when you submit your application
  • Finance must be applied for in the name of the individual that is taking the goods or services. 
  • Direct Debit payments must be from the bank account of the applicant and cannot be changed to a partner/family member.
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