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Becoming a Yoga Teacher, although rewarding, is not an easy path. It’s a journey full of challenges and testing situations, and you will need to measure up to them to make this path your career. 

  1. 200hr won’t be enough training
    You might go in your 200hr expecting to learn EVERYTHING that it is to know about Yoga. And that could not be further from the truth. Once you scratch the tip of the iceberg, you might even get overwhelmed by the extension of resources, books, teachings, etc. Your 200hr will give you the tools to begin your journey. From there, you will need to keep studying and learning. Your knowledge needs to be constantly growing. You’re in for the long ride!

  2.  It’s not a relaxing job
    “You are a Yoga teacher! You must be so relaxed all the time!”…  While Yoga is a great practice that enriches our life, everything about teaching yoga can be pretty stressful.
    Being self-employed gives you a lot of freedom: you can manage your schedule and choose who you work for. But it also goes hand in hand with a lot of sacrifice and difficult decisions.
    Running around from private classes to studio classes. Working early in the morning and then late in the evening. Teaching on the weekends, retreats on holiday periods… No sick pay, no holiday pay, no pension scheme… It can get stressful to make ends meet at times, which takes us to the next point.
  3. You need to make time for yourself & your practice
    When you become a Yoga Teacher, your full-time job is to hold space for others. You’re helping people switch off. But you must remember, you also need to switch off and fill your cup.
    Make it a priority to make it to class. Schedule time away to nourish your practice. Let others guide you or unroll your mat and dedicate time to your practice. Even though it might not seem like a direct correlation, nourishing your practice will make you a better teacher. You need to always take care of yourself first.
  4. It’s a competitive environment
    Depending on where you are based, this will be more or less true. In big cities like London, you will realise very early on that there are a lot of teachers. There are also a lot of classes and schedules to fill. However, teaching at 6 am or 8 pm might not be your dream class; having to travel for one hour to teach your class isn’t ideal. But this might be the only way to get your foot on the door, get known and build a good name for yourself. You need to be in for the long run, be patient and bring your A-game.
  5. You’ll need to wear many many hats
    Becoming a yoga teacher is more than teaching yoga. On top of planning classes, you’ll need to be a: commute expert, schedule planner, DJ, business strategist, social media managers, customer service, event planner, accountant… There are many other skills that you will need to work on! It makes the job fun and exciting but also quite challenging and daunting.
  6. You’ll learn not to take things personally
    As a yoga teacher, you will have moments of self-doubt and comparison. Not every class you’ll teach will be a hit. You won’t nail all your auditions. Not all your reviews will be positive.
    But something that you must remember is that anyone you encounter in your journey will have their things going on. Perhaps they had a bad day. And that’s not your problem. It’s not your responsibility. If someone doesn’t like your class, it is 9/10 times, not your fault.
    Instead of focusing on what people think about you, focus on polishing your teaching skills, on getting comfortable in class. Teaching is a humbling experience, but it doesn’t have to be torturous.
  7. You’ll go on a transformational journey
    When you embark on your first teacher training, you’re not just learning about yoga. You are learning about yourself. It’s a self-discovery journey that can really bring a lot of pain and trauma you had buried deep. Yoga puts a mirror in front of you and forces you to take a look at the parts you’re not so proud of, which is never an easy thing to do. It’s a journey of growth, but growth is never linear or painless.

While some of this might sound scary and scary, becoming a yoga teacher is an enriching, rewarding and all-around excellent experience. If you feel some skills you need a bit of help with after reading this post, remember we have a 50hr Further Training modules to guide you through the transition from student to teacher. Our team of senior teachers can’t wait to meet you.

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