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Progress Your Career with our 150 Hours Next Level Teacher Training

Tapas and Svadhyaya lie at the heart of our teaching path. We need to be disciplined in our practice and continue to study, learn and grow. The MoreYoga advanced teacher training offers you a community and a team of knowledgeable teachers to support your development and growth as a teacher. 

Module 3 online is still available to book in 2021 & We have just announced our in studio dates for 2022

Our 150 hour advanced teacher training will offer you:

  • Advanced sequencing skills
  • The ability to confidently integrate students recovering from injuries
  • A framework to make classes inclusive and welcoming to a variety of abilities
  • Business skills for a successful career
  • The opportunity to practice and explore different teaching paths
  • A space in which to interact with like-minded colleagues and be part of a strong community
  • A team of experienced teachers with specialised knowledge at your hand
  • A space where you can ask questions and receive ongoing support from a team of experienced teachers
  • A stepping-stone to reaching the full 500 hour milestone


Course Outline

Module 1:

Top-up your skills –
The essential add-on for effective and sustainable teaching

This module will foster an environment of personal growth and development for the existing yoga teacher and help you deepen your teaching skills. The course will support you on your path as a teacher and practitioner, helping you use the knowledge and skills you already have, while at the same time topping these up through refining them. You will receive the information and training you need, so that you can prepare classes efficiently, without having to re-invent the wheel each time, while still keeping your students engaged, keen and learning.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Deepening your sequencing skills
  • How to deliver standout sequencing
  • Refining your class structure
  • Intelligent class preparation, avoiding overload for you and your students
  • Theming to anatomical themes and integrating philosophy, pranayama and meditation in class.
  • Always a student: how to continue and grow and self-educate
  • Keeping yourself in check: finding a mentor/supervision in the world of yoga
  • Self-care: your self-practice as a teacher, avoiding burnout, finding balance.
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries

Module 2:

Take it to the next level by tailoring your teaching

This module will focus on deepening our knowledge of injuries and catering to them. We will also learn the skills we need, to cater to one to one yoga, as well as preparing classes that cater to specific conditions and injuries. We will be deepening our body reading and verbal cuing skills, in order for our teaching to become more effective and targeted to those attending our classes.

  • Working with injuries or specific demographics (back-care, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, hypermobility, post-natal, etc)
  • Theming classes for specific demographics (back-care, (back-care, mental wellbeing, stress, auto-immune conditions, etc)
  • Refining your body reading skills: know your clients
  • Refining your verbal cuing skills: the art of clear language
  • Teaching one to one: catering to the individual
  • Integrating pre and post-natal women in class
  • Understanding the foundation of still practices
  • The basics of fascia and myofascial release

Module 3:

The ultimate business skills toolkit: teaching for life

Making a living as a self-employed yoga teacher is incredibly challenging .  It is important for yoga teachers to feel grounded and stable financially, so that they can deliver teachings from a place of safety and security. Self-employment requires us to be resourceful, think outside the box and address the challenges of a competitive world in order for us to thrive. Topics addressed will be:

  • The self-employed yogi: general business skills and practical aspects of self-employment
  • Exploring teaching models: full-time versus part-time
  • How to communicate with your potential clients: website, social media, virtual studio, blogging, newsletters, etc
  • Confident auditioning; unlocking the door to studios and gyms
  • Bringing wellbeing to the corporate world
  • Manifest your one to one clients
  • Your students want to learn more: Setting up workshops
  • The travelling yogi: the key to the world of retreats
  • Creating a vision for your path as a yoga teacher

The requirements for this course is that you are already a 200 hour qualified teacher.

Course Content

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Restorative yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Pre and post-natal yoga
  • Yoga for back care
  • Yoga for stress
  • Modifying for injuries and health conditions
  • Theming
  • Sequencing theory and practice
  • Class structure and planning
  • Body reading
  • Verbal cuing
  • Business skills
  • Marketing
  • Website content
  • Social media
  • Organising workshops and retreats
  • Networking
  • Self-care
  • Teaching one to one
  • Confident interviewing and auditioning
  • Always a student; the path of self-study

What will you acquire through this training?


  • Advanced sequencing skills
  • The ability to theme creatively and with authenticity
  • A framework to enable you to create varied classes
  • The ability and a framework to integrate those with injuries in class
  • A framework to work with those with health conditions
  • Self-care goals and routines to incorporate into your teaching life
  • A deeper understanding of yoga and its impact on the nervous system, stress and anxiety.
  • An understanding of the origins of yin and restorative yoga and their benefits
  • A deeper understanding of breath and meditation and its effects
  • The ability to integrate pre and post-natal women into class
  • A community of fellow yoga teachers with whom to grow and bond
  • Advanced body reading skills
  • Tools to deepen your verbal cuing skills
  • The basic of fascia and myofascial release
  • Tools for working one to one with clients
  • Tried and tested marketing skills
  • The keys to creating additional revenue streams: workshops, retreats, online content, one to one teaching, etc.
  • A clear plan to take your teaching to the next level

    The requirements for this course is that you are already a 200 hour qualified teacher.



    Location in Studio

    If there is no social distancing in place our 2022 training will take place at our Cannon St Studio. If social distancing is in effect the course will move online. If this doesn't suit you you can defer you place or receive a refund. 

    MoreYoga, 40 Cannon St, Queen St, London EC4R 1DD



    £1550 in studio - £1450 early bird until 30th November
    £ 290 deposit

    £550 single module
    £100 deposit

    Starts 14th February 2022

     This training will be held in our Cannon St Studio 

    Module 1
    Top-up Your Skills: The Essential Add-on for Effective and Sustainable Teaching

    Intensive Week

    14th - 19th Feb
    9AM- 6PM

    Module 2
    Take it to the Next Level: Tailor Your Teaching

    Weekend 1
    12th & 13th March

    Weekend 2
    26th & 27th March

    Weekend 3
    7th & 8th May

    Module 3
    The Ultimate Business Skills Toolkit: Teaching for Life

    Weekend 1
    28th & 29th May

    Weekend 2
    11th & 12th June

    Weekend 3
    25th & 26th June



    Our course is certified by Yoga Alliance.

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